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    I was wrong. I should not have trust anyone.

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    Thats what i thought.

    I thought i can find a true friends. So my guess is wrong. We’ve been friends for so many years. Yet why do i feel like i’m the only one who follow our promises. Yes it is indeed true that people change and grow up. But what have i done to you guys that you guys don’t even have the time to talk to me or even say yes to every of my plan . When ever you guys made plans, i’d say yes. If no, at least i told you guys earlier. But this, this is just. Urrgghh. This is just bullshit. I’d love to be anti-social. If you guys have any plans, don’t even think of bringing me. I’ll be giving you guys all sort of reasons. So fuck up guys. Dont you even dare to find me. I’m so done.

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    Merry Christmas book nerds everywhere!

    Merry Christmas book nerds everywhere!

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    Hahah. so true

    Hahah. so true

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    The plaque reads: 
Tribute to GastonAn extravagantly generous giftto the humble people of my villagefrom Me, Gaston 

    The plaque reads: 

    Tribute to Gaston
    An extravagantly generous gift
    to the humble people of my village
    from Me, Gaston 

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